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Chadha Public School Celebrates Mother`s Day
May 13, 2015

The children of Chadha Public School made their mom feel very special by their Mothers Day celebration on May 9, 2015 in the school activity hall. The children welcomed their moms with the song 'Tu kitni acchi hai', 'Tujh sa koi nahi' and others . Music was made to match the melodies of the little voices. Mothers were actively engaged by their little ones as they participated in various entertaining games like 'Mummy ko bandho', 'Pehchano kaun', 'know your child'. Ofcourse, they were actively engaged on by their little ones. The mothers were encouraged to share their thoughts , several moms spoke and seemed very touched by this special occasion of bonding. Principal Ms. Nidhi Mittal gave an insight on motherly bonding which was followed by high tea.
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