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Daily Routine at our Hostel

What we do today becomes our past and at the same time it decides our future too. Therefore, what are we do Today is extremely significant. That's why the daily routine hostel  has been designed strategically. Have a look-

(School days)

           5.30 am              :     Wake up call
           6.00-6.30 am     :     Morning PT/Yoga/Games
           6.30-7.00 am     :     Shower & Change
           7.00-7.20 am     :     Morning Prayer
           7.20-7.45 am     :     Breakfast
           7.45-1.45 pm     :     School
           2.00-2.20 pm     :     Lunch
           2.30-4.00 pm     :     Rest/Remedial Classes/Linen time twice a week                                                                            for senior girls
           4.00-5.00 pm     :     Sports/Games
           5.00-5.30 pm     :     Evening Snack/Milk
           5.30-6.00 pm     :     Shower & Change
           6.00-6.30 pm     :     Temple
           6.30-7.30 pm     :     Self Study
           7.45-8.15 pm     :     Dinner
           8.30-9.30 pm     :     Self Study/Hobbies
           9.45-10.00 pm   :     Night checks
           10.00 pm            :     Lights Off
(On weekends)

Weekly Bal-Sabhas are organized to enhance the cultural skills of the students. Music competitions, Science/G.K. Quizzes, Antaksharies, Poem recitation contests, declamation contests, Shlokas-competitions are arranged on Saturdays to ensure an all-round development of the inmates of Hostel.

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